WZ Azteca's

Proud Owner, Breeder, Trainer & friend to the Amreican Azteca & Iberian Warmblood Horse.

My Dreams are born on the back of a horse

& carried by the sound of pounding hooves!!




Photo taken by Natural Moments Photgraphy


Please feel free to wander around & have a look at the horses of my life.

Some are for sale & some will always be with me.

I may be able to offer you a new horse, training for your horse, or a place to post an add.




Notable Quotes


 socialized horses can't be bullied.

"To the highly socialized horse there is no element of the unknown about his human, so he cannot be bluffed or bullied. He has an intelligent that make further training a pleasure.  

But to the trainer who specializes in 30-day wonders, the less the horse knows about humans the better. This type of trainer relies on gimmicks and his own athletic ability to push the horse into some semblance of performance. The horse is confused but keeps moving. The trainer give him n o time to think and dose not really teach the horse anything.

The socialized horse quickly sees through all this and develops forms of resistance. So all he gets from this kind of training is bad habits."

from the book applied horse Psychology, by Marion B. Williamson