WZ Azteca's

Proud Owner, Breeder, Trainer & friend to the Amreican Azteca & Iberian Warmblood Horse.

 The horses of my life.

My first horse was a black and white paint pony, and will always be in my heart

My second pony was a sorrel grade gelding, he will always be in my heart.


there has been many other horses over the years.

Just to name a few.. 

Taffy, Tammy, Angel, M&M, Patty, Prince, Subbastten, Terra, Taffy#2, Mia, Ellie, Samson, Haily moon, buddy (Merlin), Kihia, Socks, Madallain, Prince #2, Ma, and many others... some I have owned, some I just rode.

My mare now is Cat, she is a beautiful Azteca mare that will forever be with me. she will not be sold.

other horses in my life Now are Whynnie, Ruby, Lucky, and Victor.

 Mandato's Candeeda "Cat"

Mandato's Candeeda - AKA- CAT, will be my forever horse. She picked me as her human and she will be with me until she passes. She is a very athletic mare. She is willing to try anything for me. We has done some basic Reining training, Dressage flat work, Basic english and some jumping, we have done lots of trails and she has provided me with three beautiful babies. first year she had a stunning colt that sold as a weanling; and second one she has provided me with a stunning filly. the third is a beautiful little filly. 

Cat is an Azteca mare and is Registered with the Iberian warmblood registry.


Not for sale


Larco Damisela  "Whynnie"


Whynnie came to me as a trade for another mare I had. She is quite the mare and has proven herself to be a great horse.

I rode her on the trails and in gymkhana, she was used lightly as a lesson horse but did not do well with different riders. she has the quirk of flapping her lips while you are standing around after a ride. She is a very well tempered horse and love to get attention. 

She has had he first foal for me, sneaky as she is had he colt this spring in the afternoon when I had went to work. I came home to the surprise of 3 foals in my pens, when I left for work there was only 1 that morning.She proved herself as a great horse this spring when at 2 months after having a foal I lost a mare. Whynnie took on the mares foal with her own and has been great with both foals.  Her foal Kit (2011) is listed on the sale's horse page.

Whynnie has had her second foal, a beautiful bay colt. born may 6th. Wz Winston, is listed on the foal page.

 Whynnie is an Azteca mare, & is double registered. with the ILAHA and the AAHA.





SRO VICTORIANO is my Azteca stallion. He is 3/4Andalusian 1/4 Quarter Horse.

Victor stands 16 hands high.  He is double Registered with the ILAHA and AAHIA. 

Victor is a big sweet heart. who loves attention and to please you. Victor has such a kind eye, and great temperament.

many that have met him could not believe that he is a stallion. 

trust me the photo's do not do him justice. 

I am expecting his first crop of foals in 2012.  Foals are now arriving.


 Not For Sale




CANDEEDAS MOONSHINE - AKA- Ruby, can into my life at 1 am may 9th, 2011. She is a stunning bay filly, that has the looks to be a winner. She was a bit shy at first but now is the first one to greet you. loves her scratches even more than the treats. she is super smart and I have big plans for this girl. 

She will be registered. not for sale

Ruby's full brother is showing and winning in the arena. at his first show he brought home second in every class.


Notable Quote's

" I would like to thank the lord for blessing me with the good health and the ability to interact with one of the most honest and loyal servants he has given us, the horse" Martin Black